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evergreen park teachers strike. district 21 teachers say they are not striking to get rich but they are striking to get what is fair and that was the message delivered to a mostly friendly audience tonight while negotiations continued.
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>> these teachers are awesome so treat them like they are awesome. >> evergreen park teachers in the few students tactic here tonight, school board officials were invited but did not attend. the rest of his bargaining team continued negotiations with the district at a nearby school. salary increases insurance benefits and retirement benefits both sides say they have made concessions but with district 124 on sound financial footing teachers say further cuts are not justified. the board's position is the surplus may be needed in the future, it's been one week now since teachers called the strike 1800 students
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in five schools out of the classroom for four school days and counting. it's been very stressful being out of school i want to go back to work out what to be with my kids. blue ribbons on display throughout the community are a display of support for teachers. but patience is wearing thin. this cannot go on like this. we need resolutions and we need the east side to come to a compromise. there was no school today because of the holiday and at this point we do know if there will be school tomorrow, union officials said they felt they were getting closer to a deal but how close, it's hard to say both sides at the negotiating table right now and of course we will keep you updated on what happens. a bears fan visiting
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jacksonville for the game killed in cold blood. police say the bruises on this man's face are from fighting with officers after his arrest police say he may have stabbed the victim to death because he thought he was white. sunday morning just after midnight ackles irish bar in jacksonville police say the victim the 42 year-old william chris petrie was talking to the suspect on a bench inside the bar witnesses say the suspect pulled out a pocket knife and a slit petrie's throw before, and walking out. he resisted a
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little bit they had to put him to the ground and taken into custody he was brought down here and interviewed. he admitted to the stabbing. >> william chris who goes by chris was a self-employed contractor from lake villa. he is an outstanding fun-loving man who loves his family and worked tirelessly sometimes 17-18 hours a day he would go on a job and he just wouldn't quit. he was a lifelong bears fan and had been looking forward to a small vacation to see the game. he had an opportunity to go to jacksonville to see the bears. today the bears coach levy smith
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talked about petri during his news conference. >> a lot of people came down to support it, chris peet treat was one of them. >> and ellisgrove village a man with a history of mental illness and drug charges are being held on terror charges in oklahoma he was charged with threatening to use an explosive device to blow up over 50 churches in northeast oklahoma, police found a bomb making equipment in the hotel where he was living in and dozens of empty beer bottles turned into molotov cocktails with a hand drawn map of 48 local churches with plans to attack more. not
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long after it happened but not before some very tense moments are round this neighborhood, especially for the jewelry store employees one of them burst out looking for help. an employee asked her husband to lock up after workers at the jewelry company are tied up and terrorized in an afternoon robbery at gunpoint. police poured into the neighborhood, some with guns drawn to employees, a man and woman restrained inside by assailants who stuck around witnesses say and fled as police began to flock in. evidence technicians
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are going so far as to search trash cans near the jewelry store. investigators say the best part of this is all shops were not fired those employees were obviously shaken up. allegations of character assassinations governor paquin pushing against the mayor over what he claims is an attack on one of his appointees. the girl found tied up in a school bathroom prompted a massive police response but now a word that it was all a hoax. jim
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ramsey says we could see a warm- up pretty soon.
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are told it was a hoax there was never any threat when the school went on lockdown friday they say a girl lied about being tied up by an intruder in the bathroom the report triggered a huge emergency response officers searching the ground found no intruders they say she admitted to making up the story. the student admitted fabricating the story of the quick response and the actions by officials along with the in-depth investigation revealed that at no time was the security at this high school breached. police say the guardians were very cooperative with the investigation and that they are sorry about what happened, there was no school today at indian trail because of the columbus day holiday. a family morning to night after a fire killed a 48 year-old woman.
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those responded were treated for smoke inhalation. investigators say the fire started in the bedroom they're focusing on cigarettes as a possible cause. posted a polls show the republican challenger embracing president barack obama in the national polls. why you may not want to wait until black friday for your holiday shopping. [ male announcer ] you know that guy who sells those remote control helicopters at the mall. buy 'em or don't. whatever man. either way, he gets to fly helicopters all day. and he eats the liquid gold of velveeta shells & cheese. achieve your dreams. eat like that guy you know.
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pop in. stand out.mitt romney getting a bounce from the first debate a new poll shows him thai and president obama even leading a group. the republican nominee leads among voters 49-45% romney blasted the president as a weaker world leader he elected to boost military spending, work with syrian rebelsdropped a half linerebels and draw a hard line with al-qaeda. romney participated in a round
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table. he called for strong foreign policy debate with the president on october the 16th. the world is a better place because cesar chavez decided to change it. most importantly let's live up to his example. what we are hearing is a note in democratic country this time around there seems to be a tepid response for registration.
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chicago residents have two options, you can register online at chicago chicago
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since the tax payers, we need to make sure the people in and around illinois sports authority of the best sports professionals. the seven member board was supposed oppose candidates monday. back to the mayor and his big plans in the works for chicago second shoreline, the river. robert jordan has a look at those plants. i talked about making the chicago river the next recreational frontier of this city. >> there are portions of the
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chicago river wall that have already been built out but there are also vast stretches of the river that are vacant or without a sidewalk. residents who live along the river are pleased to hear about the revitalization. it's very exciting and i would welcome it. >> for me would be really nice to be able to get off of main street with the noise and cars. the plans for a continuous walkway include a spacious domes that artists conceptualize as
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being family friendly for boats restaurants and businesses. with the marina area city as a draw voters into kayakers will be able to enjoy a special area designated as a cold but over all future plans call for the length of the river area from like michigan to lake st. to become a bustling public activity fall along the river. smiling faces and joined the columbus day parade in chicago
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today politicians were on parade as well as italian american pride spectators say the crowd was a bit smaller this year possibly because many did not get the day off but many families did come from the suburbs to get in on the fund. plus whiting gone wild would cost a huge fight to break out at a wedding.
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researchers found in hiv drug is effective in treating certain breast cancers a study finds that used in the same capacity in dosage given for hiv works to battle breast cancer, part to positive is the more aggressive type of cancer less responsive to traditional treatments. so far researchers have onlythey say it halted cancer cells with very low toxicity. one drug does not work as well as another when it comes to treating depression. the food and drug administration has new data that indicates that it is not the same as well be a trend for the treatment of clinical depression it failed to demonstrate the therapeutic equivalent in equal doses. the
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laboratory withdrew its approval request. the ability to taste certain bitter flavors indicates the ability to fight off a respiratory infections the journal of clinical investigation reports that a bitter taste sensations is the weight of alerting people to toxic food those same receptors are associated with launching an immune response when it comes to battle and harmful bacteria. >> the number of people affected with a rare phone call meningitis continues to climb. from steroid injections that were tainted the manufacturer recalled all of its products and shut down operations over the weekend. a medical operation specializing in pain management notified 200 chicago area patients who may have received shots. we are in for a
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temperature roller-coaster ride this week. we had a low this
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morning of 32 degrees and that was about 13 degrees below the normal for this date. or run the country, there is plenty of cold air to go around everyone is getting a little taste. look at the cool temperatures that were experienced all the way down to parts of texas and oklahoma. it has now pushed into the atlantic's. here is the cold beer and notice that with time we get another reenforcing surge of cold air that will be preceded by rainfall tomorrow evening. hopefully we will see a
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sustained period of milder temperatures next week. at the moment it's 51 at o'hare. we will continue to see wind gusts right into thursday or wednesday at least. it could be a little dusty tomorrow.
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the closest rainfall at the moment is coming down through parts of minnesota and parts of wisconsin. our computer model shows that tomorrow evening there it is right on the doorstep and sneaking through the chicago area. for wednesday
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a few clouds early and then the skies are expected to clear. looking ahead to thursday we warm-up and cool off. the seven day has all the details. all those black friday deals you thought you were going to get it turns out you might be better off bringing this up right now the best time to go deal haunting almost never involves standing in line at midnight. prices for some items are early
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in the holiday season. monday before sentencing and still defines defiance jerry sandusky's statement about his accusers. a look at local laws and how they may shock you. e re y
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the word paparazzi comes with all kinds of negative images. they are not the only ones with the advance of digital technology these are no longer celebrities who have something to think about. kiss is just a kiss unless you are prince william and his future queen kate middleton. they live in the public eye with cameras capturing their every single move sometimes scandalously so but with all of the technology smart phones tablets telephone lenses there are up to the minute new questions about the
9:38 pm
issue of privacy where do draw the line. does ever-changing technology keep moving that line? for example and illinois businessman went to prison for taking pictures story hotel people of the fox sports host erin andrews clearly illegal what about the topless photos of the duchess of cambridge in france the publisher was fined and ordered to turn over the photos but if they were taken here in illinois it would be a different story says the privacy law professor lesley reese. to get these pictures, press reports say that photographer used a long lens about a half mile away on a public road. to
9:39 pm
give you an idea of how intrusive that can be we rented a similar lance sped it up here at the merchandise mart looking down the chicago river and take a close look at wall street all the way to the lasalle street bridge you can see the intern about a quarter mile away. then we took the camera up to an outdoor patio on the 22nd floor of the tribune tower hidden from view we could easily capture folks dining on the 95th floor of the hancock tower and men and women going about their business with no one but wiser. anyone visiting the outside terrace of the tribune tower would never spot our photographer and a quarter mile away but he can snap these pictures. you can still get the picture as we do what they did to the royals from a half mile
9:40 pm
away. here i am standing in front of the east bank club more than half a mile from where the camera can see me now the view is similar to the blurry topless photos of the duchess of cambridge. we moved two blocks closer to two wells in illinois and this is what it looks like. >> if you are on public property, generally speaking, the photographer is clear. >> i am taking the lens and i am assuming in into somebody's home in their living room is that illegal or not? >> generally it's not illegal under the law, it would be the same thing if you were walking by someone's home and they were doing something e. legal or perhaps questionable or dressed scantily. if you can view it from the public way, there is
9:41 pm
no expectation of privacy the courts would say. this is some wiggle room. it is against a lot to take pictures and restrooms tanning salons and changing rooms hotel bedrooms locker rooms and looking up someone's clothing and then minicams as long as you were not recorded audio in illinois you are most likely ok chicago cops can use surveillance cameras to catch crooks and businesses to as long as employees know it's part of company policy even homeowners set up cameras for their safety which can be a good thing in this case a home camera helped lead to the arrest of a child stocker. celebrities behaving badly are a cellphone click away there is even an act that led to stream video live so we decided to set up this experiment here in the studio as you watch me think about this,
9:42 pm
who is watching you right now? you too could be recorded in your home office or even a neighborhood park. the people in the park walking their dog think they have some sort of right to privacy they don't know that you are broadcasting this. from an invasion of privacy standard it would be totally legal because it is a public setting. change that dog park to the playground. from a privacy perspective again that is legal even with kids, it's not an invasion of privacy it could be something else but it's not an invasion of privacy. technology is outpacing the law. one final caveat, if you wanted see the recorded conversation you are having had
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to separate weddings turned tragic it actually happened over the weekend and a philadelphia hotel police say fights broke out between the gas from the same wedding party and then guess from two separate wedding parties got together and do that out. the open bar tab apparently sparked an all the bride's uncle died of a heart attack. jerry sandusky in a jail house statement on the eve of his sentencing the overall scene is tonight denied tonight and attack his accusers. >> the young man who was a dramatic accuser and always sought attention started everything he was joined by a psychologist civil attorneys and other accusers... >> the radio station aired the
9:47 pm
three minute statement today and during it sandusky continues to deny that he is a child rapist and tomorrow will face a judge in two separate statements. the second will hand down his punishment. confessed murderer is going to be a father apparently serving a 28 year prison sentence in peru for the 2010 murder of stephanie floras. he is also accused in the disappearance of natalie hollow ay aruba. a lot of interesting things, take a look at what is happening right now across the area we have a temperature in chicago of 51 degrees if you like to daydream about some of the nation's
9:48 pm
highest, consider that phoenix is almost 40 degrees warmer. it looks like we could see up to a quarter of an inch. here is the official rainfall forecast. for most of sunday it could be dry.
9:49 pm
that should clear out and give us some sunshine. >> austrian daredevil felix baumgartner getting ready to make a record setting high dive from 120,000 mi. up, a balloon will lift him into the stratosphere and beyond tomorrow open to break a couple of records. about 117,000 ft.. coming up, the bears may look great heading into their bye week but to nobody's surprise lovey smith still seeks plenty of room for improvement. wooohooo....hahaahahaha!
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caroline penry began using olay total effects in 2001. since then there's been one wedding 2 kids, and 43 bottles of olay total effects. so in spite of 185 tantrums 378 pre-dawn starts and a lot of birthdays, caroline still looks amazing. you can challenge what's possible thanks to the trusted performance of olay. 60 years, millions of women, real results. the bears are looking very pretty at this moment. they have had three wins punctuated by
9:53 pm
their defense and the offense held up its end of the bargain as well. but that offense will be missing one weapon for a while, after suffering a hand injury in yesterday's 41-3 romp over the jack morris still its the deed which continues to put off points veteran quarterback charles stillman at apex six for the second straightstraight week. 500 yds for the first time in 23 years no wonder the bears are 4 and 0 1. >> you think you are going to have a good football team. at the same time there are so many things that you can correct.
9:54 pm
>> it really puts us on the same level and people see that they can relate to us. northwestern didn't have enough of these moments saturday at penn state where the wildcats suffered their first loss of the season they did build an 11 point lead but penn state caught fire in the fourth and grabbed the lead late. this week its back on the road again at minnesota. i think
9:55 pm
everyone will say i will take that in august, we have all of our goals we aspire to have in front of us and we just have to keep getting better. >> the bulls have been at it for one week or so in training camp. today the bulls' practice at the united center where they host memphis tomorrow, not a bad idea to practice their with so many new faces on the team, the spanish moss as a whole new look but one important holdover is taught should gibson.j gibson . he is more or less the leader... >> 11-4 cardinals their they
9:56 pm
beat the nationals at 10-4 they will resume the series in washington on wednesday. that's the news for this monday night we are happy you shared your time with us. from all of us have a good night. ñ
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